Multi Guard Treatment - Worm & Parasite


Designed for the health of all tropical, freshwater and marine aquariums. All fish can be prone to the negative impacts of worms and other harmful parasites. These can easily be introduced into your aquarium accidentally, particularly when feeding live foods. These parasites can cause irritation to the skin, gills and eyes, cause ulcers, and even be deadly. Multi Guard is absorbed through the stomach and skin of your fish and affects the neurotransmitters of the parasites, causing spastic paralysis. These parasites can then be passed harmlessly by your fish.

Instructions: Add 50ml per 100 litre tank.  After 24 hours, do a 30% water change and vacuum gravel. To ensure parasites at all stages of the cycle are eliminated, repeat after one week. Shake well before use.

Active: Levamisole Hydrochloride.

Manufactured in Australia