Shell Protect Shrimp and Snail


Designed specifically as a supplement for the health of your Shrimp and Snails.  Shell Protect contains Calcium which is used in aquariums as a principal method to increase the general hardness (GH) of the water (and to a degree KH). Many plants and aquatic species require a level of hardness in the water to build their bones and external body parts. Shrimp and aquatic snails need a specific GH to help with molting and stop their outer shell casing from dissolving into the water and killing the animal. Shell Protect also improves muscle and nervous system functions. 

Instructions: Add one teaspoon of Shell Protect for 20 litre tank, during water change - Always retest your water after water changes and adjust accordingly. Shake well before use.

Contents: Mineral Based Supplement

Manufactured in Australia