Betta Specific Premium Pellet Food


Specifically developed for Betta Splendens, otherwise known as Siamese Fighting Fish. Staple foods are designed to form the healthy base of a balanced diet, comprising approximately 60-70% of total metabolizable energy (ME) as fed.

Our range of specific premium pellet foods are formulated to meet the nutritional and functional needs of a particular species. The Betta Specific variety is a sinking micro pellet designed to suit the small mouth and bottom feeding preferences of this species. This product also contains natural colour enhancers and coated with an attractant to encourage feeding.

Size: Micro 0.5mm

Feeding: Pinch of pellets, twice per day.

Ingredients: Fish Meal, Canola Oil, Poultry Meal, Wheat, Faba Bean, Lupin Meal, Soya Meal, Starch, Garlic, Astaxanthin, Vitamins and Minerals.

Typical Composition: Protein 55%, Fat 18%, Ash 10%, Fibre 1.7%, Moisture 8%, ME 368kcal/100g

Manufactured in Australia