White Worms Live Culture


As well as prepared foods, AQUABITS also provides Live Cultures so that you can grow your own life time supply of healthy live fish foods. 

White worms are small white worm that are easily seen by fish of all sizes. They are small, healthy, and best of all, live food that appeal to a wide variety of fish.
 Your White Worms Culture will allow you to make an endless supply of live foods for your fish as they breed very fast, laying 1000 eggs at a time.

Nutritional Value
• Protein: 70%
• Fat: 14.5%
• Minerals: 5.5%
• Carbohydrates: 10%


White Worms are extremely easy to store and look after.

• Immediately open your white worm bag to allow some air for the worms.
• Prepare a container for your worms. Your container must have a lid, but with small holes in the lid for oxygen.
• Place some soil, potting mix (Chemical Free) or Coconut Husks, in your container and wet the soil enough to make it damp.
• Empty the contents of your White Worms bag onto the soil in the middle of your container. Sprinkle the top of your soil with some fish food flakes (This is food for your worms). Be sure to empty entire bag contents as there will be eggs in the soil in the bag.
• Put the lid on your container and store container in a dark place.
• Feed your White Worms a couple times a week by sprinkling fish food on top of the soil.
• It is advised to leave your White worm culture for about a couple of weeks before you start harvesting, to allow them to reproduce and lay their eggs in your container so that you will have a bigger better supply for the future.

Your White worms will bury themselves into the soil as they do not like light, but they will come up to the top to feed.

Harvesting the White worms is easy, some will climb the walls of your container, so just scrap them off and feed to your fish. You can also use a strainer to wash your worms if you wish before feeding.

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