Vinegar Eels Live Culture


As well as prepared foods, AQUABITS also provides Live Cultures so that you can grow your own life time supply of healthy live fish foods. 

Vinegar Eels are a natural no fuss no hassle fry food. Extremely ‘low to no’ maintenance. Once you set them up in a bottle or jar, you can leave them in the cupboard or dark place for 8 months untouched and they will still be alive when you need to feed your fish.
Vinegar eels will also stay alive in your aquarium or pond until eaten by fish. They will not harm your fish and they will not breed in your tank as they need to be in their vinegar solution to breed.
Buy Now and never buy another live food source again!!


Once you receive your Vinegar Eels, you will need to set up a bottle or jar with Half water, half Apple Cider Vinegar (Available from the supermarker for $3) and pop in a slice of apple. Open the vial of Eels we send you and pour them into your bottle/jar. Then pop it in the cupboard or a dark place. There will be hundreds of eels in your vial that you receive off us, every female Vinegar Eel will give birth to roughly 50 babies every 8 days, so your Vinegar Eels will multiply very quickly.
Once you place your Vinegar Eels in the cupboard, you can start using them straight away, or they can sit there multiplying untouched with no maintenance for over 8 months and your Vinegar Eels will still be alive when you go to feed you fish. After 8 months, just mix up another bottle of half water, half Apple Cider Vinegar, pop in a slice of apple, and then pour some of your old vinegar eels into the new bottle/jar. Only a teaspoon amount is enough transferred from your old bottle. This new bottle can then sit in your cupboard for over 8 months, again with no maintenance. They will just keep multiplying. So you see it really is the easiest live foods to keep for your fish.

To give the vinegar eels to your fish, you just need to put a cotton swab or cloth into your mixture, the eels will stick to the cloth/swab, then just dab your cloth/swab into your tank and the eels will swim/fall off into the water.

Please Note: This product (Live Culture) cannot be shipped to NT or TAS -  all other products can be shipped Australia Wide.

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